Chatter — Chatter Makes Texting (SMS) Super Easy

Easily keep in touch with your leads via text (SMS), right out of WordPress


Don’t want to use a separate phone or finicky platform to communicate with your audience via text?

Easily keep in touch with BlackBoxWarrior Chatter!

BlackBox Warrior Chatter allows you to text any of your leads whenever you want, instantly. You can even set up autoresponders and a drip sequence!

All you have to do is enter their cell phone number (or automatically feed it in) and your can start texting (SMS and MMS), pronto.

All data is your own. Nobody spies on your messages or on what you send. You control all of your data inside your own WordPress install.

How is Chatter different?

1. It’s super easy to use, with absolutely no coding. Works seamlessly with Twilio.

All you have to do is add the plugin, pop in your Twilio number and you’re ready to go.

You can also integrate with Slack to keep up-to-date with all of the action!



2. You’ll be able to create autoresponders.

Want to set up an autoresponder? With Chatter, it’s easy. Just navigate to the Autoresponders item in the left nav bar and type in whatever you’d like to say.

You’ll be able to put a time delay on each message as well, so the recipient won’t receive your message(s) all at once!


3. See all your messages in one place.

There’s no need to bounce around from page to page to see your messages. View them all in one place. The name and phone number of each recipient are displayed so you know who you’re talking to. You’ll also be able to search for conversation by the attached name or phone number.

Once you’re done, you can simply archive the conversation to get it out of the way.


4. You can send images (MMS).

Unlike many other texting platforms, Chatter allows you to send and receive images (MMS) and emojis, easily.

3. No inflated Twilio charges.

Hook up your own Twilio account so you get direct pricing. No inflated charges to communicate with your list of customers. Direct pricing from Twilio is as low as $0.0075 per text and $0.0200 per image.

See how cheap it is?