Defer&Async – Optimize Your Site Speed

Don’t make your visitors wait around while your site loads. Speed up your site with Defer&Async from BlackBox Warrior.



When you visit a website, you expect it to load relatively quickly so you can access the content. You may have the patience to wait a couple of seconds at most, but anything beyond that and it’s time to bounce.

So, how fast does your site load?

Over 90% of sites have Javascripts and plugins that slow them down. HTML parsing pauses while scripts execute, and this is what causes the delay. You work hard to get visitors, but all of that hard work only goes to waste if your site is slow. They’ll come to your site, then leave seconds later as your site struggles to load. Nobody has time to waste on a site that you can’t even see!

It’s time to speed your site up with Defer&Async!

Defer&Async makes your site load faster on any browser by deferring script and asynchronous loading of scripts.

Deferring script allows all of your HTML to load before the scripts execute. This means that your site will be instantly visible to visitors, but the scripts may take a bit more time to function. Your visitors won’t need to wait around! This is effective on all browsers.

Asynchronous loading of scripts allows HTML parsing and loading of your scripts to function normally, but scripts won’t execute until they’re totally ready. While some browsers don’t support asynchronous script loading, it’s considered the standard way to speed up your site.

How is Defer&Async different?

It’s all in one place.

Add the  Defer&Async plugin to your WordPress site, activate it, then you’ll see it on the left hand side menu. Click on it then you’ll be able to add whatever scripts you’d like, all in one place for your convenience.


Optimize your scripts as deferred and asynchronous with a single plugin.

The best option when optimizing scripts is to make them deferred and asynchronous, so your site loads faster on all browsers. There’s no need to get multiple plugins to do this when you have Defer&Async!

Make your site load faster. Get Defer&Async now.